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ThinkAway.dll is an integrated, comprehensive order. Net CSharp-based tool framework class library, which contains a lot of useful work experience and project code, and a lot of code changes and test them able to work more efficiently, and the lowest cost re-used for other projects to learn the project does not guarantee the availability of complete, so consider carefully before you use with the risks, because I will not bring the project any direct or potential risks to make any warranty or liability, please be kept informed. this project is not in any form for commercial purposes (non-profit), it also includes other excellent open-source project, the project authors again thanks also precisely because of these open source projects have now seen.
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ThinkAway.dll 是一个综合的,全面的 以 .Net CSharp 为基础架构的工具性类库 ,它包含了大量有用的的工作经验和项目代码 ,并对这些代码做了大量的修改和测试 , 让他们能够更高效率的工作,并以最低的学习成本重新用于其他项目 . 项目不保证完全的可用性,所以在使用之前请先仔细考量使用所带来的风险 , 因为我不会对该工程带来的任何直接或潜在的风险作出任何担保或法律责任,请悉知. 此项目不会以任何形式用于商业用途(非营利) , 所以也包含了其他优秀的开源项目, 再次对项目作者表示感谢.也正因为有了这些开源项目才有现在看到的一切 .


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